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Windows. I hate deciding what to do with a window. Curtains? Blinds? Full-blown drapes? I go back and forth for months, sometimes years before I make a final decision. A huge factor in the decision process is cost. If the price isn't right, I forget about it and start the entire process over in six months. In our house, the downstairs alone has 15 windows. Four in each the living and family rooms. Three in the kitchen. Two in the dining room. One each in the bath and sewing room. That's a lot of windows folks. Too many windows to think about!

In the recent months I have narrowed down three items that are at the top of my criteria list. First is consistency. From the house and the street all of the windows should have a uniform look. I am not aware of this rule being in any decorating book, it's only a pet peeve of mine. Second is that this house has most of the original wood trim. This is one of the reasons why we wanted to buy it. I don't want to cover up the window trim with heavy drapes. Third is cost. This whole ordeal has got to be affordable.

Family Room Window

This is a picture of a window in the family room. Most of the windows downstairs looks like this one. We still have install some more replacement windows in some rooms, but you get the general idea. Long windows with gorgeous trim. I love them. Even though all these windows cuts down on my wall space.

Now onto what I have decided. It's been a long road in the decision making process. I think I have placed orders for a half a dozen different items and cancelled them all until now. The orders have been placed. The ball is rolling in the right direction.

Top-down/Bottom-up Cellular Shades

The first layer will be the top-down/bottom-up cellular shades, in cream, from JCPenney. These have been purchased for every window downstairs excluding the sewing room and bath room. Those two windows are slightly different than the rest of the house. Hopefully in a future post I will show how different they are. These shades are going to create a uniform look inside and out throughout the downstairs. They are light filtering so I won't have to worry about the rooms being too dark if left closed during the day. The best part, the price is right. An average of $19.99 a window with a 20% coupon.

Waverly Valance

The next layer is the top valance. I felt I needed something to dress the window up a little bit and keep within the victorian charm of this home. I decided on top valances only because I started that theme in the dining room. The valances I purchased on eBay for 16.99 apiece. These are only for the family room. They are going to look great with my tan walls and burgundy sofas. The best part, most of the wood trim will be showing.

Macrame Lace Tier

The final layer I really debated on. Did these windows need something else or should I go with what I have? See... more decisions. My future sister-in-law has a house similar to mine. Her downstairs windows all have lace panels. I love the look, but I didn't want floor length lace curtains. I found these macrame tiers at JCPenney for $6.99. I bought enough for the family, living, and dining rooms. I am hoping this gives the windows a light airy feel from the inside.

There you have it. My crazy road to window treatments. It has been three years making these decisions. THREE YEARS! Now I sit back and wait for it all to arrive. Then watch the Deputy install them all. I am sure he will be thrilled...



Blogger Legacies For You said...

Definitely know what you have been going through. Even though we consulted on, sold, and installed custom window treatments in our store for years, I go through the same trauma when it comes to my own house. We just added an addition to our house over the past year with about 24 new windows and they are lacking any adornment to this day...other than some strategic shades for privacy. So...I do understand! Thanks for stopping by my blog and will check back to see your husband's handiwork!

10:22 PM  
Blogger tammy said...

Oooh, that is a good price on those cellular shades. Like the Waverly fabric & the contrasting gingham on the ties. Nice!

11:54 AM  
Blogger Jodi said...

I do the same thing. When we bought our house all our windows had those vinyl pull-down shades. It didn't take long for them all to break.

Now I have "temporary" (ie cheap) curtains in the downstairs. I need to find some newer ones that I actually like.

3:09 PM  

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