Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trench Digging & Deck Staining

Trench digging and deck staining.  How much more exciting can you get? We like to live our summers a little on the wild side.

First off, deck staining 101. If you open the can of stain and the stain does not look like what you chose off the color sample, chances are that it is not what you chose. Trust me. Don't even think "Oh, I think once I put it on it will change to the color I picked." Sometimes I wish I had someone to whap me in the head when I make bad decisions. Okay, I'll lay it out on the table. I opened the first can. It didn't look like the russet color I had chosen. That's when I didn't think right. I went ahead and put it on the deck. The next day when I was going to apply the stain to the second half of the deck, I opened my second gallon. There was the russet I wanted. Great. I had to reapply the right color over the other crap. Go ahead, I have nothing better to do anyway.

Here is half of the deck stained in the correct Pittsburgh Semi-Transparent Stain, Russet color.

I like how it looks under the overhang better than out in the sun. Though, I could pretty much hate it and still NOT change it. I don't think I will stain ever again. (Don't quote me though, this stuff only has a five year warranty.) I did go on and finish the entire deck in 103 degree weather. Well, it was only 87 degrees, but with the Iowa humidity it's more like 103. At least in my world.

All of our deck furniture had to be stored in our broken concrete, dirt pit below the deck. Isn't it lovely?

Remember when I said we were putting a ground level deck down there? That plan has been slightly altered. We got a quote for the lumber and after we picked ourselves off the floor we realized we might as well have a concrete patio for that kind of money. We had the first contractor come to give us a quote. He gave it, we choked a little bit, then decided we must bite the bullet. The second contractor came a few days later. His quote was $1800 LESS than the first contractor. AND the second contractor has been doing this for over 30 years. The other guy has been only doing it for a few years. Cripes, thank God we got a second quote. So here is a lesson for you all. GET MULTIPLE BIDS! Here end the lesson. Also, nice affordable contractor can be here in three weeks to do it. Even better!

What was The Deputy doing you ask?

Standing around holding a shovel. He's handy like that. Remember the concrete block wall of just plain tackiness? Yes, he dug it out and is prepping it for a new retaining wall. Oh boy, he is having so much fun. Especially when he hit an old cistern. That was the true highlight of his day when he realized he has to shovel a truckload of sand to fill it in. Good times that will be.

Oops. An picture of him working. He will really like this one.

Good thing our oldest son is around to inspect his work. He does look like a little supervisor, doesn't he?

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Blogger OMH said...

The deck looks great. I like the stain (but then again I only see it in a picture). I laughed at the picture of the Deputy working because in the background you can see 2/3 of the boys just hanging out. Put that young muscle to work people.....oh yeah I forget about how much whining that would bring - forget I said that.

6:25 AM  

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